Ashtanga Yoga Classes

New classes due to start in Windsor very soon .

Starting in Langley 19th Feb 2018 for beginners and improvers

Ashtanga Yoga , also known as power yoga or dynamic yoga has its roots in India.

iStock_000039756908_SmallThe primary sequence of postures have been very cleverly put together in order to first warm up the body, producing heat in the muscles, which in turn helps the further postures which involve lots of forward bending and hip opening moves. Poses are linked together through ‘Vinyasa’- a union of breath and movement. It has the ability to build strength, increase endurance, release tension and create more flexibility in the entire body. This practise is for those seeking a dynamic physical practise.  The body gets completely detoxified if you keep up the practise. Muscles get toned in a big way. It’s also beneficial for cardiovascular fitness. Excess weight is reduced and joints become stronger with a wider range of motion. Even mental clarity is improved.

Private Ashtanga Yoga tuition is also available………..pls call for more info and to book any classes.


 Ashtanga Yoga Classes suitable for beginners

Drop in or book a course classes soon to start in Windsor – Mar / Apr 2018

£13 or £11 if a course of classes is booked.


New class in Langley for beginners starts

Mon 19th Feb 09.30- 11.00

Holy Family Church

£12 drop in or £10 for a course