From Kerstin Martin
A friend and ex-colleague from Lufthansa who has recently moved abroad:

“Even though massages are often viewed as a costly luxury I have always looked at it as a very worthy investment in the wellbeing of my body and mind. I’ve been getting regular massages for the last 20 years and because I moved a lot I have had many different therapists. I can say without hesitation that Tania is one of the best therapists I have encountered! She is a very intuitive therapist who has a knack for finding all your troubled areas and treating them with just the right pressure and technique. I always felt great afterwards! She is also a lovely person who is trustworthy and compassionate. I no longer live in the UK and wish I could have taken her with me, I miss her!”

From Helen Baumgartner
A friend and ex-colleague from Featherstone-Leigh:

“Tania’s extensive education of a wide range of therapies combined with her in-depth knowledge of the human body means that she is able to treat each patient according to their specific needs, achieving amazing results” “Tania’s warmth and kindness makes you feel instantly at ease and every massage treatment I have ever received from her has been excellent.” “Tania had the skill and knowledge to help me recover and feel like myself where modern medicine was unable to” and from my Mum: “The best massage I ever had”