iStock_000020025255_SmallAromatherapy is the controlled use of essential oils to promote physical, psychological and Spiritual wellbeing.

Development has allowed us to extract the most useful materials from plants, which contribute to healing the person from many ailments. Each oil has an individual combination of constituents that interact with the body’s chemistry in a direct manner, (absorbed through the skin and blood), which in turn affects specific organs or systems as a whole. E.g. Chamomile helps to cool an overheated Liver, which could otherwise cause headaches. So when applied to the skin in the form of massage, they are easily absorbed via the skin and transported throughout the body where the relevant organs benefit.

After a brief consultation, I’ll choose a blend specifically to suit your needs at the time, whether it be for a specific organ or Spiritual or purely to relax your muscles., or all of the above. Most importantly, I listen to you and what you need at the time.

You will be comfortable and warm at all times, as well as peacefully being able to drift off, if you so choose.