Chakra and Sekhem Healing

chakras and buddha

I have done a specific course in Chakra Healing with Indian Aromatics with the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy.

I use the Chakras very much also in Reiki treatments to tune in to what’s going on with the client.

Working with a client’s chakras, helps to release blockages from particular Energy centres that may relate to a particular area of a clients life, which they may in turn have repetitive problems with. For example, whether they have blockages in financial matters, health matters or relationship matters. These are just some examples of what can be helped.

You can just have Chakra Healing alone or combine it with Reiki Healing if you prefer.

Chakra Healing may also be done with clothes on, without the carriage of a massage couch, so can be cheaper, if you choose to have this treatment at home.

I may use Tibetan Singing bowls and crystals, if I feel that these are necessary for this treatment.

Generally 1 hour is £35, unless it is at the therapy rooms, where I must charge £48, due to costs involved.