Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage helps to relieve stress, tension and knots that accumulate from everyday life .

It is wonderfully magically soothing to have your scalp and base of scalp, (the occipult), massaged. Slowly, trapped oxygen is released and thinking stops. We tend to think all the time these days and not switch off from thinking, sometimes even when we think that we are relaxing.

The efficiency of the circulatory and lymphatic systems improve, toxins are dispersed from tense muscles and flexibilty and fluidity of movement is restored.

Clients tend to sleep better, have more energy, are relieved of headaches, think more clearly and massage definitely imroves how good we feel.

Indian Head Massage helps to dispel tension as well as improving the condition of your hair and even improving hair growth, but also provides an invaluable treatment for stress linked problems like headaches and eye strain.

I only use organic oils and these are great for scalp and hair, as well as hair growth.