Massage Therapy

Massage is something that is fundamental to our well being, though it isn’t always viewed as such. Even just touch can be so healing / therapeutic, for example when a child massages an old persons hand. It is scientifically proven that babies and children grow to be much healthier when they’ve had the chance to experience loving touch.

I notice during and after each treatment, whether I’m having a treatment or giving a treatment, how powerful an experience massage is. The receiver always slows down and is completely relaxed afterwards.

There is no better way of releasing tension from the muscles than through massage. It really relieves aches and pains and helps the body function more efficiently.

Both the mental and the physical are improved with clients who have incorporated regular massage into their lives. Clients usually mention how confident and positive they feel and that they are more able to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life. People also often report that they sleep much better and deeper and get relief from headaches.

Massage is greatly known to help anxiety and depression. Massage works through relaxing both the muscles and the mind, due to an increase in blood flow and levels of endorphins in the brain. We don’t have much to prove how long the affects last for, though massage definitely gives a mood boost to help stress, anxiety and / or tough times.

My treatments consist of mostly back , neck and shoulders, as well as other parts of the body, such as chest, stomach, arms and hands, legs, scalp and / or feet, depending which length of time you book. Usually we’ll gauge together how long you need to loosen and relax your back, (as this usually needs most work), in order for me to be able to calculate how long is left for other body parts that would like to be massaged.

Most people rebook, when they feel the benefits after a massage.